Elaine Hunolt, EMRS

Alexandria, Virginia

Elaine Hunolt Holt, EMRS is the CEO of Healthy Spaces IQ, where she is dedicated to helping sensitive adults and children restore and maintain their health by protecting their homes and work spaces from electromagnetic and environmental stressors.

Elaine’s passion for creating healthy homes and work spaces began when she discovered that she herself was sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs. As a result, Elaine set out to find a way to accurately test for EMF levels that were beyond healthy levels and protect herself with reliable solutions. She trained at the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology® (IBE) and became a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS). She has also extensively studied Geobiology and advanced BioGeometry to include the identification and remediation of geopathic stress.
Elaine holds a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration from Arizona State University, a Graduate Certificate in Health Information Systems Management, has attended the Harvard University John F Kennedy School of Public Policy Extension Institute as a Senior Executive Fellow and real estate professional in Virginia.

Today, Elaine helps home and business owners measure EMF pollution and other environmental toxins in their homes and offices and implement workable solutions. Her trademarked four-part protocol is the basis for the Healthy Spaces IQ program.

Elaine Hunolt, EMRS
Healthy Spaces IQ
Alexandria, VA
Phone: 571-348-3643