Julie Galipeau DC, EMRS

Québec, Canada

Julie Galipeau is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) based in Québec, Canada.

For most people, electromagnetic pollution is difficult to grasp. For many, if it’s invisible, it’s because it doesn’t exist. Well, Julie is passionate about finding and reducing these invisible man-made radiations (wireless technology and electricity) and guiding her clients through the corrective measures. An electromagnetic inspection is a marvelous learning tool that helps you discover your environment, use your technology safely and create a healthy living habitat. It is a necessity not a luxury and is critical to the health of your family.

Her background as a chiropractor and Bowen Technique Therapist and her interest for naturopathic medicine, has led her to use a holistic way to health. She is a meticulous person and she prefers to use a non-alarmist approach that respects one’s own rhythm. She uses professional Gigahertz meters.

Julie offers in home/office, phone and Skype consultations. She also give lectures on electro-pollution.

Julie Galipeau EMRS
CEM Inspections
Québec, Canada

Phone : 450 956-1995