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Electromagnetic Field Consultant Services

Elexana LLC is a unique evolutive national consulting firm employing exceptionally talented personnel and leading-edge technologies to attenuate electromagnetic radiation and the resultant interference which impede both biologic and electronic function. Our solutions-oriented client-centric approach contributes to our many refreshing ongoing contributions to the commercial, industrial, and residential electromagnetic field service industries.

We extend our congratulations and full support to the Building Biology® Institute for offering the most prestigious and coveted certification (EMRS) for electromagnetic radiation testing, analysis, and remediation in North America. Anyone who professionally provides EMF (electromagnetic field) services would benefit by upgrading their training and credentials to achieve the Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ EMRS certification.

EMF service is an actively evolving vocation that requires ongoing study, research, and training. The Building Biology® Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is the world’s beacon for this essential education.

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