IBE 210+ – Interactive Seminars

IBE Seminars are intended to challenge and change the way we live and work in the world, fostering a respect for living in harmony with the natural environment. The benefits of such a lifestyle change affect not only the students themselves, but also their families, the people they work with, and of course the natural environment.

People who participate in IBE Courses and Seminars come from many walks of life and include:

People studying to become Building Biology Practitioner (BBP),
Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC):
Architects and designers wishing to adopt safe building practices;
People planning to build or remodel their own houses;
Feng Shui practitioners wishing to complement their knowledge;
Medical doctors – mostly alternative medical practitioners who realized that many illnesses are the result of sick buildings; and
People simply interested in finding out what makes a healthy indoor environment.

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