Vaastu Architecture

devotional global methodologies

A uniquely global trove of online courses will soon grace this page, thanks to our partnership with Prithwe Institute, of Pune, India. Prithwe’s deep foundation in Naduhl Architecture will introduce you to an energy ecosystem where the human body completes a sacred circuit with the earth, the sky, the world around you.

Here are brief examples of Vaastu curriculum

Here follows a list of online courses in development; expected launch date is early 2020:

  • Bio-architecture, Biomimicry, Bionic Architecture
  • Traditional Indian Architecture
  • Healthy Building Techniques
  • Building Biology & Building Psychology
  • Geopathy & Earth Science
  • Vedic Town Planning Reinterpretation
  • Permaculture & Organic Farming
  • Monumental & Temple Architecture
  • Dance, Music, and Art of Listening
  • Arts, Crafts, and Shilp Shastra