Cindy Mercer


Cindy Mercer, a strategist committed to results-driven alliance building, co-founded Planet Heritage Foundation (PHF). PHF is an entrepreneurial grant making organization focused on facilitating funder and NGO collaborations benefiting climate change, oceans, biodiversity, health freedom and sustainable agriculture. PHF’s initiatives include Oceans 5—a global marine funder’s collaborative aimed at protecting our five oceans, Energy Options Network—a global network of energy sector experts committed to expanding the zero carbon technology toolkit to address climate change at scale, and the Electrification Coalition—a bipartisan alliance of industry leaders committed to facilitating electric vehicles on a national scale.

Cindy serves on the board of several NGOs including The Philanthropy Workshop and the Jane Goodall Institute. Since early 1990s, she has managed private foundations, served as an advisor and board member to a variety of charities and has a background in non-profit law, advocacy, strategic planning and mediation.