Residential MEP Webinar

Microsurge Electrical Pollution (Dirty Electricity)

Learn the precise use and interpretation of Owon and PicoScope and their essential adjunct devices for identifying and assessing MEP. Join BBI seminar instructor Mitch Marchand, BSc. EE throughout his 6 learning modules, walk through MEP measurement videos, plus supporting field guide documentation and setup files.

This is a prerecorded series for which you will be granted unlimited access. Once you’ve accessed it, you’ll able to watch Mitch’s videos at your own pace, which includes pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding to review to whatever extent you might need for gaining the best understanding of this vital material possible. Total running time is 2:45 of prerecorded video + prerecorded MEP Measurement Field Guides.

Please watch Mitch’s brief overview and introduction videos here below:

To get the most out of this training one should have a solid understanding of AC Magnetic, AC Electric and Radio frequency theory and measurement techniques.  As an advanced course, it is recommended but not required that this course be taken after attending the BBI 312 Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar.

Take a sneak peek inside by watching the course introduction video here below.

Tuition: $285