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Your hosts, Ron & Lisa Beres, The Healthy Home Dream Team®, have for more than a decade been teaching busy people how to eliminate toxins from their lives with simple, step-by-step solutions to improve their health. In this series of five podcasts they interview Building Biology experts on the methods and practices for maintaining a heath-supporting indoor environment.

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Podcast topics, guests interviewed:

  • Sanitizing Versus Disinfecting Your Home; with Alexis Roche, Investigative Chemist
  • Sleeping with the Enemy: with Stephen Collette, BBEC, BBNC, LEED AP, CAHP, BSS
  • Beyond COVID-19: The Truth About Mold; with Dr. Lisa Nagy, MD
  • Natural Versus Mechanical Ventilation; with Paula Baker-Laporte, FAIA, BBEC, BBNC
  • Electromagnetic Fields & Wireless Radiation; with Larry Gust, BBEI, EMRS, EE
  • Manmade Electromagnetic Radiation Sources; with Larry Gust, BBEI, EMRS, EE
  • Wireless Dangers at Home, Part I; with Liz Menkes, EMRS, BBEC
  • Wireless Dangers at Home, Part 2; with Liz Menkes, EMRS, BBEC
  • Oram: 5G: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly; with Oram Miller, EMRS, BBEC