Student Advisory Committee

Committed docents for your learning experience

Meet Miriam and Annette, our Student Advisory Committee (SAC) co-chairs, each of them successful alumni of our professional certification programs. They are your curriculum docents and your personal liaisons to our board of directors and our institute staff. Submit your questions, concerns, and suggestions with complete confidence in their discretion and respect for your privacy, and they will ensure that your inquiring needs are fully met to your satisfaction. They possess first-hand knowledge of our curriculum, as professionally certified alumni, and enjoy enduring friendships with our board members, our staff, and our students.

Reach out to them, whether you are new to our courses and programs or considering getting involved or already on your path toward certification, at:

And be sure to check out our SAC’s free Welcome Packet, here below.

They are also always open to suggestions that will help them to better guide and assist you.

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