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The Science Of Building Biology

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, MD examines the visible and less visible “Bacterial Effects of EMF Exposure,” delving areas as diverse as antibiotic resistance, soil effects, and the human microbiome.

Dr. Sharon Goldberg, MD demystifies peer-reviewed research into biological effects of exposure to EMFs, from neurologic to cardiometabolic.

Making the Invisible Visible, with Mitch Marchand, B.SC., EE, EMRS

Our very own BBNC graduate Andrew Guido had a fascinating and informative discussion with long-time Building Biologist and BBI Board President Larry Gust. Highly recommended!

The US Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor environments as one of the top five risks to human health that we face today. This eight-part series is available for free viewing.

The Booth That Spoke 10,000 Words

Our institute and more than twenty of our professionally certified alumni were heralded time and again by speakers at last year’s three-day EMF Conference, in Santa Cruz, California. Dr. Devra Davis captured it best when she asked our Building Biologists to stand up, and told the more than 300 assembled MDs and other healthcare and EMF professionals, “I want to thank the Building Biologists for being here. And I want to say this: The new model for integrative medicine is going to have to be Building Biologists hand-in-hand [with health providers].” And Dr. Davis went further to encourage her audience to to meet and partner with our alumni.

View two of the illuminating presentations below.