Resident Electrical Engineers

International EMF Zoom Call

The Institute board of directors set the goal in 2021 to increase the professionalism and professional knowledge of BBI students and graduates. I line with that goal BBI has decided to formally beef up the technical expertise by forming a group called BBI Resident Staff Electrical Engineer or RSEE.  This is a voluntary position.

One Resident Staff Electrical Engineer will be present at each monthly Intl EMF Zoom group. The Resident Staff Electrical Engineer is charged with the responsibility to provide technical/factual clarity on electrical issues as they arise and to make sure all new terms and acronyms are clearly defined.

Current list of RSEE:

  • Spark Burmaster, EE
  • Larry Gust, EE
  • Mitch Marchand, BSc., EE
  • Neil Matthes, MSEE, Master Electrician