Monika Krajewska

Administrative Coordinator
Monika has a background in design, photography and film editing.  In the late nineties, she opened her own photography gallery and, over the past thee decades, has curated a number of photography exhibitions.  Monika has been interested in health and well-being for many years.  She became electro-sensitive in 2007, after moving into a 1920’s cottage with hundred year old, knob and tube wiring.  In 2016, she heard of Building Biology.  She hired a Building Biologist to evaluate her home who discovered extreme levels of Electric and Magnetic Fields.  The Building Biologist encouraged her to learn about the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation.  In 2017, Monika attended her first EMR seminar and set out to become a Certified EMR Specialist.   She now offers electromagnetic radiation assessments in Southern California.