Building Biology Advocate™ (BBA)

Nature is the Gold Standard

Designed for environmentally conscious people from all walks of life, Building Biology Advocate (BBA) certification will give you the knowledge and skills with which to improve the health-supporting essence of your own dwellings and workplaces, and educate others in this increasingly vital area of public health and well-being. BBA certification is also ideal for students and industry professionals who are seeking to complement their credentials in such fields as architecture, city planning, green building, interior and landscape design, Feng Shui, natural health, and the practice of medicine.

Please note that Building Biology Advocates (BBAs) are certified in Building Biology theory, but are not certified to assess, identify, and/or mitigate indoor environmental hazards to human health. Prior alumni of this program are Building Biology Practitioners (BBP), and they are subject to the same limitations stated as our BBAs are, here above.

Required Curriculum: download the program prospectus by clicking the link here below.


This program allows you to complete your studies and earn your BBA certification at your convenience, entirely through distance learning. Your curriculum will include a mentored correspondence course (IBE 101) with live guidance from a senior BBEC, and seventy hours of online course work (for a list of the required online, 200-level courses, please download the BBA Program Prospectus, using the link here above).

You will have up to two years to complete this program; most students complete it in significantly less time. By selecting our advance purchase option, paying $965.00 USD for the entire certification track now, which includes our correspondence and all required online courses, you will save $280 off the total price of your tuition. Or you may submit a partial payment of $445.00 USD, for which you will receive IBE 101, our mentored correspondence course, and from that point purchase online courses individually.

This program conveys 40 hours of Continuing Education Units, approved by AIA, ACAC, InterNACHI.

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$965: Click here to pay (you’ll be prompted to login or to create a free IBE account)


Please note: Students living outside of North America are asked to purchase a Basic Membership ($55 USD) to help offset the cost of shipping IBE 101, our correspondence course, internationally.