Building Biology New-Build Consultant™ (BBNC)

Prevention Throughout the Design/Build Processes

BBNC coursework trains Design and Building Professionals how to build deeply nurturing buildings  that are free of the man-made and biological toxins that are otherwise standard in construction. This program also demonstrates the application of Building Biology principles on the larger community/city planning level.

As extraordinary as our modern advances in science and technology may appear, they nonetheless disregard not just our natural environment, but also our human health. Synthetic materials, biological contaminants, and man-made pollutants break down the balance of nature that is essential and sustaining for all life.

Building Biology strives to correct this imbalance by implementing materials, methods, and protocols that support a built environment intrinsically aligned with nature.  By understanding and applying the laws of nature to the built environment, Building Biologists are uniquely trained to become solution-oriented leaders and environmental advocates.


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If you are interested in double or triple certification (BBEC, EMRS, BBNC), a path that many of our alumni and current students have undertaken/are undertaking, which conveys a significant tuition discount, please reach out to us at Our certified alumni are welcome and encouraged to contact us regarding building on their current knowledge and professional credentials by undertaking studies for multiple-certification.

You may enroll in this program by paying for the entire track in advance, for a 15% savings on tuition, or by paying for each course/seminar as you undertake each one.

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