Business Support Program

Tools and resources for your new business


The Business Support Program is specifically targeted to individuals who are engaged in one of the Building Biology Institute’s ® certification programs and who wish to start their own practice. If you’re in the beginning stages of setting up your business you will find information on the basics of business formation, finances and many templates and checklists to help you get started on the right foot. If you’ve already started your business you will find helpful tips and techniques to advance your business and help it grow to meet your personal and professional goals.

The information contained in this program is condensed to give you the most critical information needed to start your business on the right foot.


This toolkit contains detailed information that may be useful in starting your business, especially the workflow and “paperwork” of your business. The Web Content section has several pages from current BBEC’s which is copyright protected, so if you use any of their content be sure to either attribute their website or rework the concepts into your own writing style. Tools include:

  • Business Plans
    • Elements of a Detailed Business Plan
    • Detailed Business Plan Example
  • Financial
    • Cash Flow Instructions Cash Flow Example Setting Your Fees
  • Form of Business
    • Business Structure – Basic
    • Corporation
    • Limited Liability Company
    • S Corporation
    • Partnership
    • Sole Proprietorship
  • References
    • Healthy Home Standards for Conventional Construction
    • Standard for Building Biology Testing Methods – IBE SBM-2008C v3.6
  • Sample Forms & Checklists
  • Proposals
  • Pre-Assessment Questionnaire
  • Assessment Guide Checklists & Worksheets Reports
  • Website Content
  • Various sample pages, references and articles

The Business Support Program is available free of charge to BBI members who have completed a professional certification (BBEC, EMRS, BBNC). To download a preview of the Business Support Program, please click here..