Albina Molina, MBA, BBEC, EMRS

Los Angeles, California

KRíA was founded by Albina as a call to action to do something that had a tangible positive impact for people. She started her career as a journalist, working in three countries, then received her MBA in oil & gas finance and accounting, and worked as a director in a national non-profit. Surprisingly enough, that diverse experience created fertile soil to study and pursue Building Biology professionally, getting certified as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.

“When a living space is healthy, it simply feels good. When people feel good, they are in better moods and reflect it in their relationships. Good positive relationships create love, mutual understanding, and peace,” – explains Albina. – “As a mother myself, I know the value of it, especially while raising children. A healthy environment is a key foundation not only for the physical well-being of children and adults, but also for their psychological, mental development, and overall happiness!”

KRíA’s projects expand from home environment to offices, hotels, schools, and any space where health and well-being of people is a priority. When job requires, there will be other professionals involved: building biologists, electricians, mycoremediation specialists and others. KRíA even has a marketing support team for businesses to promote their evaluated healthy spaces. All KRíA specialists come with years of experience, a high-level of knowledge, and passion for what they do!