Alex Stadtner, BBEC

San Francisco, California

Healthy Building Science Inc. provides professional Building Biology Inspections & Testing, as well as Residential General Contracting for new and existing buildings. With offices in San Francisco and San Rafael, HBS serves clients in California and around the US, and their primary service area is the San Francisco Bay Area.

Construction or Renovation

Our services are for those just starting to go “green,” or those teams ready to push the sustainability envelope. Occupant health is our top priority. We add value and implement the principles of Building Biology to projects of every size. Residential contracting services include:

  • Clean Crawlspaces & Attics
  • Enhanced Ventilation
  • Air & Water Filtration
  • Air Sealing
  • Facilitate Eco-Charrette (early design visioning meeting)
  • Site Assessments
  • Design Reviews
  • Specification Reviews & Materials Research

Existing Building Inspections:

We provide Building Biology Inspections for existing commercial, institutional, medical, industrial and residential buildings. Our healthy building inspections are for property managers, owners, safety managers (Compliance Officers), HR managers, and those about to sign a lease or purchase property. Through the use of sensitive meters and careful lab analysis, we find invisible and odorless pollutants and provide user-friendly reports suggesting mitigation strategies. Industrial Hygiene services include:

  • Air Quality (allergens, particulates, gases, VOCs)
  • Moisture and Mold Inspections (viable and non-viable, mold clearance testing)
  • Soil Sampling
  • Water Quality (bacteria, chlorinated compounds, heavy metals, PCBs, etc.)
  • Electromagnetic radiation (extremely low frequency electric & magnetic fields, radio frequency)

Alex Stadtner, BBEC

Healthy Building Science, Inc.
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