Bill Meadows, BBEI

Marietta, Georgia

Bill Meadows, BBEI is the President and Founder of Mead Indoor EnviroTech. Bill graduated from The International Institute for Baubiologie and Ecology in 2000. With over 40 years of prior experience providing sustainable indoor air quality, he then founded Mead Indoor EnviroTech, specifically with the intent of improving the lives of chronically ill patients.

Mead Indoor clients are typically referred by physicians who treat patients with environmental illness. Bill has first-hand knowledge coping with the debilitating impact environmental illness brings and empathizes with every client when executing solutions for their homes.

Bill takes pride in recruiting and retaining talented individuals. With a full time staff of over 30 professionals, his employees are experienced and trained to perform a wide variety of expert services. The Mead Indoor Team is personally and passionately committed to the delivery of comprehensive and sustainable healthy indoor environments that improve lives, wellness, and healing.

Licenses and Certifications:
IBE Certified Bau-biologie Practitioner
IBE Certified Bau-biologie Environmental Inspector
Conditioned Air, Non-Restricted License# CN001455
Master Plumbing, Non-Restricted License# MP007206
Electrical Contractor, Non-Restricted License# EN001769

Bill Meadows, BBEI
Mead Indoor EnviroTech
Marietta, GA
Phone: 770-916-0070