Damon Coyne, BBEC, EMRS

Dallas, Texas

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Southern Oklahoma
Dallas, Texas

Damon co-founded Intentional Environment in 1997 and has a depth of experience in creating healthy living and work environments. A high percentage of his work has been related to assessing, remediating, and designing environments free from harmful exposures to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Damon consults on commercial and residential building projects, helping to evaluate appropriate proximity to electrical power distribution systems, radio frequency antennas and anomalies in the earth’s magnetic field called, Geopathic Stress. He helps guide remedial measures and design that optimizes the intended use of spaces.

Damon supports a conscious building process that incorporates non-toxic materials that minimize chemical exposures, support good air quality as well as methods that avoid moisture problems that may lead to mold. He provides guidance for electrical wiring systems and the use of internet technologies without detrimental EMR exposures.

Working with, architects, builders, businesses, and individuals, Damon assists to create spaces that support healing, productivity, and inspiration. He provides clear, tangible, and practical options for creating intentional environments.

To learn more, visit: www.IntentionalEnvironment.com
(651) 340-9326