Diane Bastien, PhD, BBEC

Montreal, Canada

Holder of a doctorate in building engineering and researcher at the University of Southern Denmark, Diane Bastien has more than fifteen years of experience in research and consulting in energy-efficient and high environmental quality buildings. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in physics, a Passive House designer certification while also being a Building Biology Environmental Consultant. She offers personalized building design sessions and building inspections that combine various approaches.

Diane analyzes the quality of air, water and the building as a whole as well as the electromagnetic environment. Her goal is to use her academic knowledge, field experience in building biology and harmonization with natural and energetic elements in order to support her clients in designing a healthy living environment, in harmony with the environment and which nourishes the body and soul.

Diane is striving to support clients in designing and improving new and existing homes so that they become the supportive life regenerating space that they should be. This requires to have a close look at the material selection. She is there to support you along the entire process, either for designing a brand-new home or improving your current dwelling.

Diane can conduct online design and remediation meetings as well as onsite inspections. She also offers pre-purchase inspections. The building inspections can cover, depending on your needs:

  • Indoor air quality
    • Visual assessment of heating, air conditioning and ventilation system
    • Monitoring of indoor temperature and humidity
    • Monitoring of carbon dioxide
    • Evaluation of adequacy of indoor air ventilation
    • Monitoring of particulate matter
    • Monitoring of toxic gases (carbon monoxide)
    • Radon testing
    • Monitoring of total volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde
    • Visual interior inspection for water or moisture damage
    • Water quality testing
    • Evaluation of cleaning products
    • Support in material selection, including custom testing if required
    • Energy efficiency consulting, energy modelling
    • Hygrothermal (heat and moisture transfer) simulations
  • Electromagnetic radiation
    • AC electric fields
    • AC magnetic fields
    • Radio frequency
    • Dirty electricity
    • Support for remediation strategies, including shielding
For more information visit: https://batimentsvivants.ca/en/