Elizabeth Pond Reza, MSPM, BBEC, EMRS

West Hartford, Connecticut

Through Current Living, LLC we conduct EMF assessments of homes, covering wireless communications along with emissions from wired sources, addressing Radio Frequency Radiation (RF), Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields and Dirty Electricity.  As part of each assessment, we provide individualized recommendations to reduce exposure to EMF, along with a written report with findings and recommendations.

Services are provided by Elizabeth Pond Reza, a Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), certified in 2013 through the Building Biology Institute.  Elizabeth entered this field as a result of her own health struggles, which provided her with insight into the limitations of modern medicine, the possibilities offered by alternative modalities, and the effects of the indoor environment on health.

Services provided:
  • EMF measurements and mitigation
  • Creation of sleep sanctuaries and healthy nurseries
  • Pre-purchase assessments
  • Phone consultations nationally and internationally

To learn more or schedule an assessment, contact:

Elizabeth Pond Reza, MSPM, BBEC/EMRS
Current Living, LLC
P.O. Box 270317
West Hartford, Connecticut 06127
(860) 586-8253