Eric Billitier, BBEC, EMRS

Lake Worth, Florida

We are a company that wants to ensure that your environment is healthy and safe. We are hearing conflicting information from the media that is leaving people confused on what is safe and what is not safe. Axis Environmental Solutions will help you to know and understand what you are being exposed to, and what levels are safe and what levels may be harmful to your health. We will also help you identify sources of pollution and how to eliminate them or shield your environment from them if they cannot be eliminated.

Axis Environmental Solutions LLC services offers assessments, consulting and mitigation for home and office buildings for Electromagnetic fields and Radio frequency/microwave exposure. We also provide Baby Nursery Consulting Services. We will help you set up your baby’s room/nursery. This service provides a EMF/RF assessment for EMR. We will also consult you on all materials and furnishings in your baby’s room, to ensure the environment is chemical free. We have different products that we can recommend from non toxic paints to the baby’s mattress and furnishings.

Eric Billitier is president of Axis Environmental Solutions LLC. Eric’s background before Building Biology was working 18 years in low voltage electrical distribution. He is also a certified Radio Frequency Safety Officer (RFSO). Eric being the owner is also the very same person who will come out and assess your building environment. We are a company of integrity and very compassionate on how the environment effects your health and well being. The important question everyone should be asking themselves is ” what am I being exposed to? The reason for this question is because most people have no idea what they are being exposed to.

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