Ginette Dupuy, BBEC

Montreal, Quebec

I have studied architecture at the University of Montreal. For me it was impossible to build or renovate without taking into consideration the health of the people and the health of the planet. There was not much information on this subject at that time, so I decided to complete my course with a master degree. The title of my thesis was: The Health and the Ecology in Housing. During this period, I became a bau-biologist and BBEC. While I was still at university; I received a grant to study in France earth architecture.

I am specializing in compressed earth blocks. I have also received another grant from Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to analyse this building material in Quebec. Yes this building material is good for northern country. This publication is available in English under the title Compressed Earth Block Construction from CMHC.

After 15 years of research, in 2008, I have published a book: Habitat sain et écologique (Healthy an Ecological Housing). This book gives all the information needed to built or renovate a house, from the life cycle of 25 building materials and bioclimatic architecture to the study of different systems: electricity (electromagnetic fields), heating, ventilation, etc. I am specializing in thermal mass and passive systems.

I just want to help people to live in a healthy house on a healthy planet.

Ginette Dupuy, BBEC
Habitat sain et Ecologique
5920 Louis Hemon
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2G 2K6
Phone: 514-729-1890