Jasen Masek, BBEC, EMRS

British Columbia, Canada

I have always been excited about technology. After receiving my diploma in Audio Engineering in 2003, I quickly became a residential technology specialist, working on every form of tech in the home – networks, audio, television, and security. I had the opportunity to work for some of the top residential tech firms in Vancouver and witnessed first-hand the evolution of “state of the art” technology. Televisions moving from tube to plasma and then to LCD. I watched the rapid advancement and automation of wireless technology added to the day-to-day experience of homeowners.

It was at that time I discovered I am electrically and chemically sensitive. I began to investigate the unintended and undiscussed side effects I was experiencing as a result of the technology I was working with every day. I then became certified as an ElectroMagnetic Radiation Specialist and Building Biology Environmental Consultant.

I am here to elevate your commercial, industrial or residential projects to ensure a healthy, natural environment. I am committed to providing the accessibility of the newest technology with safe, purposeful installation, to create sustainable spaces that improve the lives of everyone affected by toxicity in modern environments. Utilizing a holistic approach; we will examine your buildings as a whole and address any and all problem areas.

I am blessed to live in one of the greenest, cleanest cities in the world and am here to help you understand the invisible threats our senses cannot consciously pick up. I specialize in correcting underlying building biology issues that can affect us all on a daily basis, leading to health problems and compromised quality of life.

With awareness, education, and a holistic approach, let’s make Vancouver healthier and more environmentally sustainable for everyone.

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Jasen Masek, BBEC and EMRS
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