Jon Cotham, BBEC

Ojai, California

As a certified Baubiologist and licensed Building Contractor specializing in healthy building practices and products for over 12 years, Jon Cotham Environmental has the training, experience, and technical equipment to help you: learn about and understand your indoor environment and the potential hazards impacting you and your family’s health; determine the relative health of your home or office through extensive assessment and testing of indoor air quality and ventilation systems, including particulates, VOC’s, gas leaks, carbon monoxide, odors, outgassing building materials, EMFs from electrical systems, radio frequency radiation “RF’ from cellphones, radar, and other wireless devices; make informed decisions about your home or office with a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations to create healthy living spaces.

Jon Cotham, BBEC
Jon Cotham Construction & Environmental Testing
CA Building Contractor Lic 661635
Phone: 805-208-2598
418 Bryant Circle, Suite E
Ojai, California 93023