Lawrence Gust, BBEC, EMRS

Ventura, California

Gust Environmental has served clients in the US, Europe, and Oman since 1993. Larry Gust specializes in complete assessment of indoor environmental health factors from the perspective of the growing human sensitivity to environmental toxins. He specializes in working through health care practitioners to assess patient’s homes for mold, mildew, chemical and electromagnetic pollution that can degrade the health supporting nature of the home.

Larry has evaluated and recommended remedial measures in well over 1700 residential and commercial buildings. He also consults on the environmental aspects of the construction and remodeling of a homes and offices.

Mr. Gust has appeared on the NBC Today Show, has spoken at the Scripps-Mende Well Baby Program in San Diego, the Cancer Control Convention in LA and at the World Congress on Integrative Medicines in Santa Fe. Mr. Gust appeared in 2008 in Greenovate on the Planet Green Network that is devoted to environmentally conscious living.

Consulting Services
Building Design, Construction and Remodeling

• Site Selection And Building Positioning
• Geomagnetometer Site Analysis For Disturbed Geo Magnetic Field Disturbances
• Health Supporting Building Design
• Health Supporting Sleeping Room Design
• Materials And Furnishings Recommendations
• Finishes, Stains & Sealers Recommendations
• Electrical System Design For EMF Reduction
• Wireless And Other High Frequency Radiation Protection Measures
• Indoor Air Quality Control Recommendations
• Heating, Cooling & Ventilating System Recommendations
-Fresh Air Provision
-Air Exchangers
-Air Filtration
-Gas Filtration
-Humidity Control For Fungal And Dustmite Control
Building Assessment and Remediation Planning for
• Health Supporting Sleeping Rooms
• Mold and Mildew Damage
• Dampness/Water Damage
• Reduction in Chemical Gas Producing Materials
• Non-Toxic Pest Control
• Non-Toxic Cleaning Chemicals
• Reduction of Electromagnetic Radiation from Wiring and Communications Devices
• Shielding of Radiations from Cell Phone Antennas
• Location and Remediation of Negative Earth Energies
Real Estate Environmental Assessments
Office Environmental Assessments

Lawrence J. Gust, BBEC, EMRS
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