Lee Sagula, BBEC, EMRS

West Brandywine, Pennsylvania

Lee has been President of EMF Professional Solutions for 23 years, since 2001. Areas covered are PA, DE & parts of NJ & MD. Lee is a coach for the Building Biology Institute, providing guidance and training for upcoming EMRS students.

Services include on-site EMF assessments, pre-purchase and powerline assessments, phone consultations, and local speaking engagements.

Lee has created a practical and simplified way of explaining and addressing EMR so that anyone can understand the issues. Solutions are as practical as possible giving various options and levels of remediation in order to appeal to all family members.

Although Lee specializes in EMR, her experience and BBEC training include many healthy building aspects including Indoor Air & Water Quality. She may also make suggestions regarding these areas. She holds a special place in her heart for nature and all animals and is happy to assess their areas as well.

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Lee Sagula, BBEC, EMRS
EMF Professional Solutions
West Brandywine, PA
(610) 453-3736