Paul J. Gorman, BBEC

Baltimore, Maryland

To complement his architectural practice in the visible built environment, Paul consults with clients on how to find and eliminate sources of invisible, unnatural radiations and contaminations that are harmful to human health – and how to create a healthy home or office.

This includes: Air and Water Quality (pesticides, mold, radon, chlorine, heavy metals, etc.) • Building Exposures (formaldehyde, fire retardants, VOC’s, etc.) • Electrostress (electric fields, microwaves, geopathic stress, etc.)

Paul’s architectural practice covers a wide range of projects from home additions and remodeling, to churches, restaurants, laboratories, car dealerships, medical, day care, assisted living, fire stations and manufacturing uses, with over $300 million construction in place since 1987.

Paul J. Gorman, BBEC
Paul J. Gorman, Architects
3928 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21227
Phone: (443) 629-8170