Rex Funk, EMRS, BBEC

Woodstock, New York

Hello, my name is Rex Funk.  I am a Building Biology certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Environmental Consultant.

I have been studying EMF mitigation since 2018, inspired by my own electro-sensitivity and the need to turn my home into a low EMF refuge.  This type of haven from the nearly ubiquitous electro-smog we encounter daily is what I want to offer to others as well.  We need a place to recover from environmental toxins.  Solutions range from simple to complex, but improvement is always available.  I can help you create a sleep sanctuary.

I offer to my clients a comprehensive assessment of their exposure to unwanted man-made electromagnetic radiation.  I also look at the overall indoor air quality and factors that may be contributing to poor health.

My experience as a handyman and builder for over fifteen years has afforded me a thorough understanding of how buildings function, and what can go wrong — things that lead to building degradation.  I have seen and fixed many problems in homes that were caused by careless construction practices, causing water damage and mold for example.  Frequently electricians also create harmful EMF situations unbeknownst to them.

Ideally homes get built right from the beginning, because then the right wiring gets installed in the right places, and the best wall assemblies are built, those that promote a healthy home environment.  But even so, old homes can be revamped more to our liking and can be tuned up so as to nurture our health.  We all deserve a healthy home.

Please contact me to discuss my services and how I can help you learn and heal.  I live in Woodstock, NY and can travel to your home, remote consultation is also an option.

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My service includes:

  • Radio Frequency measurement
  • Magnetic Field measurement
  • Electric Field measurement
  • Microsurge Electrical Pollution analysis “dirty electricity”
  • Electrical system diagnosis
  • Design and installation of a wired internet system
  • Building-health evaluation and repair recommendations
  • EMR mitigation such as shielding and wiring upgrades

I use high quality measuring equipment including

  • Gigahertz Solutions HF analyzers, HF59B+D
  • Gigahertz Solutions ELF analyzer, NFA 1000
  • Oscilloscopes, Pico + Owon
  • Roushui current clamps
  • Fluke 287 multimeter

Rex Funk, EMRS, BBEC
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