Risa Suzuki, BBEC

Seattle/Portland, Washington

Risa Suzuki, owner of Healthy Homes Northwest (HHNW), and author of “What the EMF?” has been a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant since 2013, a member of the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild, and certified transformational life coach. After overcoming her own health sensitivities, she helps individuals and families create healthier environments by identifying and eliminating harmful toxins that can potentially lead to disease.

After assessing your unique needs, our goal is to equip you with all the knowledge in less than one day to eliminate the need for future calls.

If you are managing any health concerns, have small children or work from home, your home is likely affecting you. Understanding what the sources are and how your health is being impacted gives you the information you need and prioritizes what steps you need to take as well as those you don’t need to address or spend time or resources on.

Part of that is clearing up the confusion around government standards vs. what is considered healthy, and you’ll know how to discern information moving forward.

A typical in-person assessment includes indoor air quality measurements, assessing your water and kitchen setup, and making recommendations. Electronics are a critical part to keep kids as safe as possible and we measure the fields in bedrooms and play areas and explain ideal targets, provide you with actionable steps, and then prioritize them based on your specific needs.

We identify, measure and remediate problem areas in the home or potential problem areas that are creating or exacerbating medical symptoms. Allergies, asthma, anxiety, restlessness, sleep disruption, stress, and fatigue are only a few examples of common symptoms in homes where everyday toxins increase symptoms, sensitivities and triggers.

You can learn more about Risa and the services she offers and how to work with her at www.RisaSuzuki.com.

Website: www.RisaSuzuki.com
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