Risa Suzuki, BBEC

Seattle/Portland, Washington

Risa Suzuki is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, published author of “WHAT THE EMF?”, and transformational life coach who specializes in EMF testing and mitigation in the Seattle and Portland area.

Risa has partnered primarily with practitioners and health clinics and has provided numerous educational talks, workshops and interviews since becoming certified in 2013 and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and solutions to all of her clients.

Your EMF assessments with her include measurements, recommendations and options for the different types of EMF fields and everyday electronics such as:

  • Cell towers
  • Power lines
  • Smart meters / gas meters
  • Dirty electricity
  • EMF shielding paint, fabrics, film
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops and tablets
  • TVs, speakers and digital assistants
  • Security systems
  • Solar panels
  • Electric car chargers
  • Breaker boxes

When you work with Risa, you’ll also receive:

  • A written summary .pdf report with all of the measurements that were taken, digital copies of all recommendations, and a list of helpful EMF resources
  • Specific guidance on how to best set up the rooms in your home with good, better, and best options. (Many in-person assessments have often included the actual moving or rearranging of furniture!)
  • Installation or application instructions for shielding options, pros and cons of each option and a walk-through of the process and time, effort, and cost, so you can make the right decisions

After becoming sensitive to EMF fields while juggling a busy career at Microsoft and integrating other natural solutions to counter the effects of EMF fields, Risa brings also brings a holistic element to her clients which can include detoxing, essential oils, crystals, and other solutions that naturally resonate with the body and support healing.

Working with Risa:

  • Are you a DIYer or new to EMFs? Her book “What The EMF?” is the perfect solution if you are new to EMFs and want to take the first steps of clearing EMFs in your home. This is the book she wishes she had when she was first learning about EMFs! It’s non-science-y, easy to understand, directs you on what to do for each room (which checklists), and also has EMF-specific information on helpful nutrition, detoxing, and holistic solutions. Click here to purchase on Amazon.
  • In-Person Assessments is perfect if you want to know exactly what’s going on in your house, what’s coming in and impacting you and you just want Risa to tell you what all of your options are (including shielding and mitigation), and to do as much as you can while she’s there. You can learn more about scheduling an EMF testing/EMF assessment in the Seattle or Portland area at risasuzuki.com.
  • New Builds and Remodels are a great opportunity to create a healthier home right from the start, giving you a wider range of options and more flexibility by planning ahead before the wiring and drywall are completed.
  • Remote Consultations are available if you are outside of the Seattle or Portland area. These are via Zoom (you can call in or join via video) and all consultations are recorded and available for download for 30 days after the call.

You can learn more about Risa and the services she offers and how to work with her at www.RisaSuzuki.com.

Website: www.RisaSuzuki.com