Sal La Duca, BSBA, BBEC, CIE

Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Sal’s background includes: BSBA, BBEC, CIEC (, RFSO trained (, FCC Licensed with Radar endorsement. Nuclear Reactor Operator, USN, 6 years; Power System Operator, 5 to 500 kV, 6 years; Nuclear / Radiological / Communications I&C tech, 40+ years.

Whether New Construction, Pre-purchase, or Existing, living / working or projected spaces evaluated for existing or possible chemical or electrical concerns. Immediate recommendations with formal follow-up report, with end goal that if relevant, any reduction is beneficial. Review web site for detailed offerings.

Sal La Duca, BS, BBEC, CIE
Environmental Assay, Inc.
792 Green Street
Phillipsburg, New Jersey 08865
Phone: 908-454-3965