Sharon Skeels, BBEC

East Lansing, Michigan

Too many folks unwittingly suffer the physical toll that an unhealthy indoor environment can inflict upon the body.  I know this because I was one of them.

Healthy Habitation LLC is the result of my personal search for health improving answers.  My determination to never settle for a band-aid style solution, is what led me to becoming a certified Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant (BBEC).  Additionally, because of my experience with electromagnetic sensitivity, I am actively pursuing a second certification as an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (ERMS).

The application of my training to my personal experiences has allowed me to improve the health and well-being of myself and my family.  I can help you do the same for your family.

Over the years, my own health related home renovations have given me more than a little insight into building and construction practices.  Drawing upon my training and personal experience, I will evaluate your indoor environment.  Then based on those findings, I will offer a range of evidence-based solutions for your unique situation, as well as your budget.

Using professional grade instrumentation and laboratory testing, I will make the invisible—visible, and will list the facts necessary for you to make healthier decisions.  Knowledge is power.

Healthy Habitation LLC services:

  • Electromagnetic frequency testing: AC electric, AC magnetic, radio frequency, and dirty electricity
  • Indoor air pollution testing: VOC, MVOC, formaldehyde, unwanted gasses, dust analysis, and mold analysis
  • Water testing: city, well, arsenic, and radon in well water

Indoor environmental assessments for:

  • Homes: new, existing, or renovation
  • Apartment, condo, or townhome
  • Pre-purchase or pre-rental inspection
  • Vacant lot inspection

Let me help you protect your family.

Please contact Healthy Habitation LLC for a quote and/or to schedule your in-home or remote assessment.  Alternatively, a phone consultation is available.

Give me a call, text, or email…

(989) 627 4003