Stephen Collette, BBEC, BBNC, LEED AP, CAHP, BSSO

Ontario, Canada

Stephen Collette is passionate about buildings! Stephen excels at understanding how buildings work, whether they be heritage buildings or your new house, stone churches or straw bale homes, and everything in between. He determines how they might be failing, such as failing materials, ineffective mechanical systems or usage. He determines how the building could be impacting occupant health, through testing and assessments for homeowners, building owners, and insurance companies. Stephen pulls all of this knowledge together and offers solutions to make your building more resilient, more efficient, more economical to operate, and healthier for you and the planet.

Stephen is co-creator and instructor for IBE 213, IBE 211 and IBE 214. He is a graduate of University of Toronto’s Building Science program, is certified heritage professional, and has consulted on buildings and how to make them healthier across North America.

Stephen Collette, BBEC, BBNC, LEED AP, CAHP, BSSO
Your Healthy House
Lakefield, Ontario, Canada K0L 2H0
Phone: 705-652-5159