Zara D’Cotta, BBNC

Northern NSW, Australia

Specializing in healthy building materials and healthy home design, Zara is a Building Biology New Build Consultant and Keynote Speaker.

Zara discovered her passion for environmental health after going through cancer and environmental illness. Through her own experiences and extensive research, Zara realized unhealthy homes are making us sick. She’s been on a mission to play what part she can in changing the way homes are designed and built, ever since.

The implementation of Building Biology principles in the homes she lived in from 2015 onwards, was instrumental in helping Zara recover from environmental illness.

After spending four years moving from one water damaged home to the next, she decided moving into a newly built home would be key to getting her health back. It was then, in 2019, as she experienced symptoms as a result of formaldehyde and VOCs off-gassing from building materials, she realized that new builds contribute to health problems too.

Zara studied healthy home design and building materials in Australia in 2020, before embarking on the Building Biology New Build Consultant Certification path in 2021, and graduating in 2022.

Zara D’Cotta
The Healthy Home