Ashley Spanovich, NCIDQ, BBEC, EMRS

Denver, Colorado

Awakening Spaces supports health-conscious individuals and those who have been impacted by mold, chemicals, and/or EMFs in the process of creating a safe, nurturing space in their upcoming renovation or new build.

Ashley started Awakening Spaces when her health took a turn during her 13-year career as a licensed interior designer. She realized her body was overburdened with mold and chemicals, which led to an EMF sensitivity. Her experience shined a light on the importance of a healthy environment for our ability to heal. Terms like “green and eco” do not always mean healthy. Not only that, but our current building codes haven’t caught up to the health epidemic our current construction practices have created. This newfound understanding inspired her to launch Awakening Spaces and study Building Biology in order to educate people about the fact that what goes in your walls as well as what hangs on them.

How we work with you:

We collaborate with your team of architects/designers, contractors, engineers, and other project parties to ensure your home is renovated/built safely from the start. We are dedicated to reducing chemical and EMF exposure while building beautiful homes that are made to last and prevent mold growth. We follow along with the standard phases of design and hold your hand from the Programming and Idea Gathering phases all the way through to Contract Administration and walking through the door of your newly created, Awakened Space!

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  2. Please note that we book about 1-2 months in advance. If you’re looking for support it’s best to reach out sooner rather than later so we can make sure our timing aligns.

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