Dave Green, B.Sc., M.Sc., BBEC, EMRS

Lapeer, Michigan
  • Over 3 Years of hands-on experience testing and mitigating EMF issues for my clients.
  • Ongoing consulting for over 2 years with Spark Burmaster – Electrical Engineer, BBEC and EMF expert of over 25 years.
  • Licensed builder with years of electrical, plumbing and remodeling experience.
  • Receiving ongoing training in techniques of measuring and filtering MEP, aka DE & Line EMI, from EMF experts and leaders in the field.

Services available:

  • Electromagnetic testing with Gigahertz Solutions professional meters.  Data logs of:
    • Radio Frequency
    • Magnetic Fields
    • Electric field Bed Maps and Body Voltage testing
  • DE measurement with Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer
  • Electrical / Grounding system evaluations
  • Measurement of Ground rod resistance testing and mitigation
  • Blue box testing of circuits for code violations/wiring errors.
  • Installation of new non-broadcasting modems, routers and switches that allow for on demand WiFi if desired.
  • Ethernet ports and shielded cat-6 cable installed throughout houses for wired capability of computers, Smart TV’s, tablets and phones, also known as ‘hardwiring.’
  • New installation or reinstallation of hard-wired telephone lines and phones.
  • Low EMF office installations or retrofits.
  • Shielded/grounded cords installed on lamps to lower electric fields.
  • RF blocking window film installation in homes and cars.
  • RF blocking shielding paint installed with grounding.
  • RF screen installation and grounding for RF fields.
  • Foil installation and grounding for mitigation of electric fields.
  • MC cable or conduit wiring.
  • Real estate EMF surveys.
  • Low-EMF wiring consults for: new construction, remodeling, or mitigation purposes.  Includes remote shut off breaker systems and kill switches.
  • Experienced in education and presentations on EMF’s for individuals and groups. Secondary Science Teacher for 17 years.

Dave Green B.Sc., M.Sc., BBEC, EMRS