Eddie C. Hiscock, BBEC, BBNC, EMRS, CMI, WETT, IAC2

St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Eddie is the dedicated owner and principal consultant of Healthy Living Spaces Canada. His credentials include:

  • Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ (EMRS)
  • Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant™ (BBEC)
  • Certified Building Biology New-Build Consultant™ (BBNC)
  • Board Certified Master Inspector (CMI)
  • Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) Certified
  • Certified Indoor Air Consultant (IAC2)

Eddie offers a range of consultation services, available on-site, via phone, or through Zoom. His expertise covers the assessment of buildings, including New Builds, and their indoor living environments. He provides guidance and education, along with comprehensive testing and mitigation strategies, grounded in the 25 principles of Building Biology. His specialization lies in complete, comprehensive indoor environmental assessments, considering all health factors with a holistic approach.

Consulting Services Include:

Healthy Building Design, Construction, and Remodeling: 

  • Site Selection and Building Positioning
  • Geo-Magnetometer Site Analysis for Geo Magnetic Field Disturbances
  • Health Supporting Building Design such as Rammed Earth
  • Health Supporting Sleeping Room Design
  • Recommendations for Materials, Furnishings, Finishes, Stains & Sealers
  • Electrical System Design for EMF Reduction
  • High-Frequency Radiation Protection Measures
  • Indoor Air Quality Control
  • Heating, Cooling & Ventilating System Recommendations, including Fresh Air Provisions, Air Exchangers, Air Filtration, Gas Filtration, and Humidity Control

Building Assessment and Remediation Planning: 

  • Health Supporting Sleeping Rooms
  • Mold and Mildew Damage Assessment
  • Dampness/Water Damage Solutions
  • Reduction in Chemical Gas Producing Materials
  • Non-Toxic Pest Control and Cleaning Chemicals
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Reduction
  • Shielding from Cell Phone Antennas
  • Location and Remediation of Negative Earth Energies

Additional Services: 

  • Residential Real Estate Environmental Assessments
  • Commercial Environmental Assessments
  • Residential, Commercial Property & WETT Inspections

Eddie’s approach to creating holistic health-supporting living spaces is inspired by nature, free of toxins, and in harmony with planetary ecology. His passion for helping others improve their health and quality of life is deeply personal. Having faced many of the same health challenges as his clients, Eddie believes in a holistic approach as the best way to assist them. He looks forward to serving his clients with genuine respect, understanding, and commitment.

For a free 15-minute phone consultation, please visit the website listed below, fill out the contact form, or call directly. Voice your concerns at no charge and discover how Eddie can help you.

Contact Information:

Eddie C. Hiscock, BBEC, BBNC, EMRS, CMI, WETT, IAC2
Owner & Principal Consultant – Healthy Living Spaces Canada

Phone: 709-764-4219
Website: Healthy Living Spaces Canada
Email: eddie@healthylivingspacescanada.ca
Address: St. John’s, NL, A1H 0N2