Frank DiCristina, BBEC, EMRS

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Frank DiCristina, BBEC is a certified building biologist and dowsing practitioner with thirty-five years expertise in electronics ranging from industrial, military, automobile, computer, audio recording and home theater. He became a true believer of the unseen after his personal dowsing training with his mentor, the late master Slim Spurling. Frank frequently lectures on dowsing of the earth energies, EMF’s and their biological impact on our health.

With his background in electronics and subtle earth energies, Frank specializes in testing electromagnetic fields and is able to mitigate many of these stressors that affect his client’s health in relation to their homes and offices. He can also advise on many other issues of the built environment and is available for consultations. Having your home or office cleared of these stressors is the first step towards a healthier and more comfortable place to live or work.

Frank DiCristina, BBEC
Environmental Healing Services
(612) 384-1334