Hannah Jackson, BBEC, EMRS

Colchester, Vermont
Your Healthier Home is dedicated to helping clients detoxify their indoor environments in order to optimize health and well being. I help clients create healthier environments by applying the principles of Building Biology to reduce risk factors related to indoor air quality, water quality, and hazards posed by electromagnetic radiation. I am a certified Building Biologist Environmental Consultant, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and a former licensed energy auditor. I have worked in the green building field for over a decade, focusing on building science and environmental health.

Through my educational, professional, and personal experiences, I have come to realize the pivotal role our environments play in our overall health and well being. We can only be as healthy as the environment we live in. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but it needs the right environment in order to do so. Unfortunately our environment, both indoors and outdoors, is easily contaminated with the over abundance of toxic materials and ubiquitous electro-smog found in our world today. It takes awareness and intention in order to keep your indoor environment free from potential contaminants. My goal is to educate clients by identifying potential sources of contamination in their environments and offer solutions for how they can cultivate health-supporting spaces where their bodies will have the opportunity to heal and renew.

Services offered:

  • Healthy Home Assessments
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Surveys
  • Creating Sleep Sanctuaries
  • Baby Nursery & Playroom Evaluations
  • Meditation & Yoga Sanctuary Evaluations
  • Home Purchase Evaluations
  • Healthy Design/Build Consultations

I look forward to working with any individual or family who is ready to create a healthier environment in order to encourage a brighter future. Your Healthier Home awaits you.

Hannah Jackson, BBEC, EMRS
Your Healthier Home, LLC
Colchester, VT
Phone: 802-734-6067