Jordan DeLozier, EMRS

East Tennessee

Evergreen EMF+Indoor Environments is using the art & science of Building Biology to create life-promoting homes and buildings. At Evergreen EMF, our goal is to create a healthy-home sanctuary where you can rest and recover without the oxidative stress caused by EMF in today’s world. We would love to assess your home, business, or school to identify sources of man-made EMF. Our services include:

  • Home EMF Evaluation measuring AC Magnetic and Electric Fields, Dirty Electricity, and Radiofrequency. This evaluation comes with advice, suggestions, a Report of Findings, and a mitigation plan.
  • Follow-up Evaluations after mitigation
  • Pre-purchase Real Estate Evaluations
  • Pre-purchase Land Evaluations
  • New Build Consultations

Jordan DeLozier, owner of Evergreen EMF+Indoor Environments is a wife and mother of two in Maryville, TN. Though her career in this field began in 2018, she’s been an avid believer in living a healthy lifestyle, with limited toxins for nearly 15 years. Her expertise doesn’t stop with EMF. She loves advising clients how to make non-toxic switches in personal care products, home care products, and food! Whether you need help with reducing your EMF, learning how to avoid glyphosate, or picking house plants, Jordan is here for you!

Jordan DeLozier
East Tennessee