Laura Bobzien, MS, BBEC, EMRS

Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas

As founder of The Healthy Home Fix, I believe everyone deserves a sanctuary — a safe place to live, work, and play.

We don’t always know if the things around us are adding to or subtracting from our well-being.  It’s tough to feel good when you don’t have a healthy environment. And conversely, a sick building can indeed contribute to many chronic health conditions.

This is why I design practical, evidence-based solutions for you and your family to create a sanctuary of your own.

To get started, we can assess:

  • Electromagnetic fields: comprehensive on-site evaluation for home or office
  • Electromagnetic fields: on-site pre-purchase or rental inspection
  • Air quality: best practices; visual inspection, water intrusion; limited microbial testing
  • Water quality: best options for your home and family
  • Composition of household and personal products, interior finishes, and lighting

I witnessed firsthand how healing can occur when environmental insults are removed or reduced. When two of our children developed profound, inexplicable symptoms, we made some tough housing decisions which ultimately led to their recovery. My goal is to shortcut the process for you — to ease and expedite your journey.

My background:

My official EMF training began in Austria in 2017, and later I became an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist through the Building Biology Institute (BBI). Also, as a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), I intimately understand the importance of good air quality, as I personally experienced the trials of finding and creating homes free from water damage and harmful microbial growth. Before building biology, I earned my master’s in neuroscience from UT Dallas and bachelor’s from Texas A&M.

I especially value the wealth of expertise within the BBI community and strive to share further insights through long-term connections with my clients.

The world we live in has changed dramatically in recent years. It’s our personal responsibility to consider what we allow in, on, and around our bodies. Maintaining a healthy home is key for the entire family to function optimally, thereby strengthening peace and satisfaction in our closest relationships.

Congratulations on beginning your journey to create a healthier home so you and your family can feel your best!  Happy to chat with you to determine next steps for your specific situation.

Email or text me for an initial phone consultation.

Laura Bobzien
Richardson, TX