Lisa Tiedt, BBEC, EMRS

Grand Rapids, Michigan

I believe home is where you heal. That’s why I founded Well Abode.

My work is to help you create living spaces where your nervous system and immune system can rest. Through a data-driven approach, I work to create a home that is tailored to your values and budget.

As a mother, I’m passionate about creating healthy environments for children and families. Having struggled with chronic health conditions such as Lyme disease, toxic mold syndrome, and cancer I understand firsthand how important the home is to your health and well-being. It can be scary and frustrating to have a host of mysterious illnesses and doctors can’t identify the source. Since 2019 I’ve been working with individuals and families across the Midwest who have been in the same situation. Together, we work to find solutions to their chronic health conditions through home evaluations, improvements and remediations.

Together we focus on:
➞ Reducing harmful electromagnetic radiation from wireless, magnetic, and electrical sources
➞ Improving your air quality, with a special focus on mold, bacteria and chemicals
➞ Improving your water quality

If you’re ready to begin the work of creating a healthy habitat for yourself and your family, please reach out for an initial phone consultation.


All services can be customized with EMF (electromagnetic field), air and water quality assessments for:

  • Existing home evaluation and remediation
  • Residential home purchase or remodel
  • Commercial healthy building projects

Contact Info:

Serving the Midwest for on-site assessments. Available for phone consultations and/or travel by request. Contact me to learn more or schedule an assessment.

Lisa Tiedt, BBEC, EMRS
Well Abode
Grand Rapids, MI