Lynne White, EMRS, BBEC

Portland, Oregon / Pacific NW

Lynne is an advanced Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ (EMRS) and Certified Building Biologyâ Environmental Consultant™ (BBEC). She brings a unique blend of electromagnetic, building, technology, consulting, and health experience to address your EMF challenges.  Do you have health symptoms or challenges that aren’t resolved?  Maybe you are having trouble sleeping, have headaches, brain fog or are feeling fatigued? Maybe you just want to live a healthier life and be in a healthier indoor environment?

EMFs are everywhere and putting a significant stress on our bodies that are resulting in everything from minor health symptoms to moderate deficits and even major illnesses.  The list of health symptoms is extensive and specific to the type of EMF.  The research is there to show long term exposure to EMFs is real, albeit invisible, tasteless, and odorless. Let’s get those EMF nasties out of your space!

EMF Protection Services

Focused on creating healthier indoor environments in the buildings where we live, work and play, Lynne’s EMF Protection Services are for anything from a specific room to a complete building.  She will identify and measure EMF hazards to assess the degree of EMF health risk, then determine the Good-Better-Best Options for remediation, as appropriate. You choose what you want to do and what fits your budget.

  • Services are offered through On-Site EMF Assessments, Phone and Zoom Consultations.
  • Includes businesses addressing employee performance and wellness
  • Residential and Commercial

A Note from Lynne

Hi there!  Nice to Meet you. I’m Lynne.

As an EMF Consultant and Building Biologist, you get a combination of my extensive environmental education from the industry leading Building Biology Institute and over 37 years working in a consulting capacity. You will benefit from a highly refined set of consulting diagnostic and problem solving skills that:

  • uncover hidden pieces of the EMF environmental puzzle not easily found;
  • discern between the cause and effects of the EMF environmental issue that is critical to effective remediation;
  • supply varying degrees of remediation solutions giving you choice; and
  • motivate you to shift paradigms to healthier vitality.

This work integrates my love of nature, health, and being of service in helping people live healthy, joyful lives, while taking care of buildings.

Here’s to healthier buildings and healthier people,


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Portland, Oregon / Pacific NW
Lynne White, EMRS, BBEC
Phone: 971-610-8111