Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, EMRS

Asheville, North Carolina

Serving Western NC, SC, and TN, Blue Ridge EMF Solutions, LLC was founded in 2018 out of a deep desire to share reliable means for healthy living in this electromagnetic world.  Founder Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, who is an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist certified by the Building Biology Institute, finds great joy in providing her clients with affordable, solution-oriented assessments to identify and reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF) in living, learning, and work environments.

With a background as a psychiatric nurse, public health manager, and recovering electro-sensitive individual, Mary Anne has a deep well of compassion, a solid understanding of EMF science, assessment, and mitigation, along with a positive, practical approach to avoid the “overwhelm” that many individuals feel when addressing EMF challenges.

Building Biology’s standards  – directed by Nature herself – provides our razor-sharp focus:  Low-EMF living, learning, and work environments can improve and prevent a wide array of chronic health conditions, improve immune function and help restore us to wellness and abundant living.

Blue Ridge EMF Solutions, LLC offers the following services:

  • Assessment of four types of EMFs, using professional meters from Gigahertz Solutions:
    • Wireless radiation in the air, emitted by Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell phones, cell towers, 5G small cells, baby monitors, and all “smart” devices;
    • Electric fields coming from electric wiring and power lines;
    • Magnetic fields from the current in wiring, wiring errors, and power lines;
    • “Dirty” electricity, emitted by CFL and LED lighting, dimmer switches, solar inverters, transformers inside electronics, variable speed motors, etc.
  • Mitigation to reduce or eliminate sources of EMFs, including unbiased guidance on which items to purchase if needed, and trouble-shooting with local electricians if wiring errors are found;
  • “Triage”: Solutions prioritized for positive health outcomes according to clients’ health conditions, budget, and readiness to make changes;
  • Creation of low EMF “Sleep Sanctuaries”for adults, children, and infants to enable our bodies and brains to re-set and heal during sleep;
  • Real Estate / Rental Property assessments before contracts/closing;
  • Smart Meter evaluation and solutions for mitigation, including familiarity with local utility companies’ practices and products;
  • Safer-Tech Solutions: How to reduce the risks of using cell phones, iPads, etc., particularly for learning and work environments;
  • Collaboration with Green Builders to assure that building materials for new homes or renovations are healthy both for occupants and the planet;
  • Interactive Educational Presentations for school groups, parents, policy makers, and health care practices on the health effects of EMF’s and how to reduce our risks while still enjoying the conveniences of modern technology;
  • Wellness Coaching for those who are sensitive to EMFs, with a focus on calming the brain’s limbic system, and how thrive in this electromagnetic world;
  • Covid-19 Precautions: Remote interviews to assess needs, social distancing, mask worn, and other precautions as needed for clients’ health and safety.

More about Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, EMRS

Since 2011, Mary Anne has studied the health effects of EMFs while also learning how to measure and mitigate their effects.  Founder of the grassroots volunteer organization SafeTech Kids NC, Mary Anne has provided education and policy advocacy on the health effects of wireless radiation for education leaders, elected officials, and clinicians since 2015. For 30 years, Mary Anne worked as a health professional – first managing public health programs, including the coordination of coalitions on complicated public health issues, and later as a psychiatric nurse with an integrated practice.

Mary Anne now dedicates her career to EMF education, assessments, and mitigation in the Blue Ridge Mountain region, serving clients within three hours of Asheville. NC.  As an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist certified by the Building Biology Institute (BBI), she has been trained by this field’s leading experts, including electrical engineers and senior Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists, all who continue to provide on-going in-service education.   Undergirded by her experience in both EMF education and assessment, she will serve as faculty for clinicians attending the EMF Medical Conference 2021.

“My calling to do this work grows from a deep passion for preventing and reducing   suffering – which began for me while working on a child survival project in West Africa, and blossomed during my graduate studies in public health.  More than any other intervention, the Building Biology evaluation and mitigation done on my home in 2013 helped relieve my own suffering, and how grateful I am!  And BBI’s advanced EMF training over two years gave me the ‘wings’ I needed to ‘fly’ – to help prevent others from suffering through EMF education, evaluation, and mitigate to create havens for healing…and hope.”

You can reach Mary Anne at: