Mitch Marchand, BSc. EE, EMRS

Alberta, Canada

Combined background in electrical engineering and Building Biology® Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ certified. Since 2011, Mitch has tested hundreds of homes for people looking to understand their EMF environment. Passionate about helping people measure and reduce their exposures from wireless tech and electricity because their stories are very similar to what his wife experienced. Since then, Mitch has dedicated his life to understanding human-made EMFs and how to reduce them.

Provide peace of mind by helping:

  • Families evaluate their EMF exposure at home and provide solutions for reducing the exposure from human-made EMFs.
  • Home buyers evaluate with an EMF Home Inspections (Is that powerline or cell tower too close? Is that smart meter?).
  • Naturopathic Doctors, Functional Medicine Doctors, and other alternative health practitioners create better health outcomes in their patient’s homes and workplace.

Mitch Marchand, BSc. EE, EMRS
EMF Aware
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 403-264-2970