Nate Johnson, EMRS

St. Paul, Minnesota
Nate Johnson is a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Nate is located in the St Paul, MN area.

I recently found my passion pursing this specialty career. Growing up I built, repaired and tinkered with many computers and some electronics. I have always been fascinated by electricity and electronics. I’ve had a long interest in natural health and trying to take care of my body as best as possible. With my extensive training at the Building Biology Institute, I’ve been trained in inspection, detection, measurement, prevention, and remediation of EMFs.

At New Light EMF we recommend a full home or office EMF assessment to get the best “big picture” of what kind of electropollution is happening in your living and sleeping environment. We will detect, measure, and educate about all the major EMFs in our modern environments so you can make safer choices for you and your family. Every person is a unique individual and every environment is different which stresses the need for personalized care.

Our goal at New Light EMF is to help you reduce your exposures to these types of man-made energies. We use time tested and proven strategies. We will not offer you gimmick solutions or needless gadgets. New Light EMF has professional grade calibrated instruments. Our instruments will make these invisible energies visible.  We will offer personalized solutions and options on every assessment to help you and your family feel your best.

Following the recommendations provided from the survey you may experience:

  • Improved and prevented health conditions
  • Deep, restorative sleep, enhancing all aspects of life
  • Improved memory, mental clarity, and attention span
  • Feeling more energized, focused, creative and productive
Additional Services
  • Real Estate Pre Purchase Assessments
  • Low EMF Home Design on New Builds and Remodels
  • Focused Assessments
  • Product Inspections, Research and Recommendations
  • Infrared Sauna Purchase Consulting
  • Air Quality – At this time, we are not currently offering dedicated air quality consulting. If you have an EMF assessment setup, we can offer air quality advice as an add on.

Please reach out today for more information.

Nate Johnson
Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS)
New Light EMF LLC