Peter Sierck, BBEC, EMRS

Encinitas, California

Peter has been conducting professional electromagnetic field (EMF) surveys and mitigation for the last 30-years. This expertise includes testing for low and high frequency electromagnetic fields and radio frequency (RF) emissions, conducting building surveys, developing and implementing mitigation and shielding methods, designing EMF Management and Safety Plans for residential, commercial, institutional clients and school districts. His company uses only professional and calibrated instrumentation ranging from spectrum analyzer to field specific instrumentation.

Peter Sierck is a Baubiologist, Industrial Hygienist and Principal of Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc. (ET&T) located in San Diego, California. He grew up in Germany, received his Baubiology training in Germany and was one of the first instructors for the IBE in Clearwater, Florida. He is a Committee member for the Baubiology Standard and is a honorary member at the German association of building biologists (VDB).

Peter Sierck, EMRS, REA, CIEC, BBEC,
Principal/Senior Industrial Hygienist
ET&T / EMF & RF Solutions
1106 Second Street, Suite 102
Encinitas, CA 92024
Office: 760-804-9400
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