Ray Pealer, EMRS

Valley Head, West Virginia

Ray Pealer, a certified Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), has over 25 years experience measuring EMF’s. He provides practical, compassionate guidance for those who have been injured from electromagnetic exposures as well as health conscious, forward thinking individuals and families.

Ray is sensitive to EMF, so he knows first hand how these frequencies can affect us. Over the years he has discovered proven strategies to reduce our exposures and improve the quality of our lives. He shares what he has learned works best with his clients and provides guidance on getting there in a gentle and kind manner.

Ray is able to cut through the complex issue of EMF and can make even really advanced concepts easy to understand. He loves to teach and empower others with practical knowledge.

Often his clients have life-changing experiences. Some find the source of health problems that have been affecting them for years or even decades. Other realize, in a very clear way, the importance of preventative health measures.

It is his driving passion to help his clients achieve an improved quality of life. Ray lives in West Virginia near the low-EMF radio-free zone, where he drives to service VA, D.C., MD, PA, OH, IN, KY, TN, NC and SC.

He also travels to other areas by request.

Ray Pealer, BA, EMRS
EMR Safety Consulting
Valley Head, WV
Phone: 802-497-6264