Riun Ashlie, EMRS

Boulder, Colorado

Riun Ashlie is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist (EMRS). Neural Vitality Networks (NVN) specializes in EMF assessment and remediation of fields/frequencies including AC magnetic, AC electric, radio frequency (RF) from 1 MHz to 10 GHz and dirty electricity in addition to geopathic stress mitigation for homes, offices, farms and businesses.

Gigahertz Solutions top of the line equipment is utilized including:
⚡ NFA1000 – EMF Meter Kit (5Hz – 1MHz Frequency Range)
⚡ HFE59B – RF Meter Kit (27MHz – 3.3GHz Frequency Range)
⚡ HFEW59D – RF Meter Kit (2.4GHz – 10 GHz Frequency Range)

Services offered locally (Boulder County and Greater Denver area) as well as four corner states as requested or beyond if needed. Phone consultations available. Equipment can be provided or requisite products offered. Field/Site report provided or fully documented written report available upon request.

Services Include:
⚡ Home EMR assessment and creation of EMF safe sleeping spaces for optimal health and vitality.
⚡ Property evaluation – EMR and dirty electricity data logging, geopathic stress assessment for new homes or land purchases and power line evaluation
⚡ Home wiring evaluation – wiring error (net current) remediation as well as plumbing current EMF testing and mitigation.
⚡ Smart Meter evaluation and emissions logging (continuous data collection and graphing)
⚡ Wireless and other high frequency RF radiation protection measures (WiFi, Bluetooth, cordless phones, cordless audio devices/speakers, digital video boxes, baby monitors, RF thermostats, televisions, radar, FM, AM etc)
⚡ Cell Phone Antenna assessment and shielding solutions
⚡ Dirty electricity assessment/evaluation and remediation (re. Smart Meters, Solar Panel installations)
⚡ Health Practitioner office space evaluation – and creation of optimal environments for healing – trauma release and nervous system repair.
⚡ Earthing installations and custom faraday cages.
⚡ Telephone consultation services for EMR assessment and remediation
⚡ Site selection and building design positioning recommendations
⚡ DC magnetometer site analysis for geopathic stress evaluation as well as magnetic mattress installation/evaluation and other DC magnetic products or pulsed EMF devices
⚡ Auto evalutions – new car purchasing/assessment of electric, magnetic and RF radiation

Riun Ashlie, EMRS
Neural Vitality Networks
Phone: 720-557-3369
Boulder, CO