Shane Reilly, EMRS

Portland, Oregon / Seattle, WA

Since 2017, I have helped many across the Pacific Northwest gain awareness around, and take action against, EMF pollution in their homes, offices, schools, and vehicles.

EMF pollution has been a massive source of grief and loss in my life, and paradoxically, a source of hope and empowerment as well.  It cost me a career as a firefighter, and was a key factor in my mother succumbing to an aggressive brain tumor.  After she passed, my desire to help people avoid EMF-related loss and harm in their own lives was so strong that I created Optimal Dwelling Spaces LLC and left my career in sales behind.  Since then, I have helped many clients find low-EMF new housing, and fine-tune the other places where they spend time to be truly optimal.  It is an incredibly rewarding field to work in where I experience healing and empowerment daily in the lives of my clients.

Shane Reilly, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist
Owner – Optimal Dwelling Spaces LLC
Making the invisible visible!
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